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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  August 2, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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since mcdonald binges in beijing. i'm jeffrey kofman, in london. >> i'm going to start training to eat like that. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> a live look this morning in northeast baltimore where another water main has burst. the impact it's having on people in one neighborhood and affecting their commute. more than just gamble at stake during next week's special session. the big issue over pit bulls and what needs to be sorted out. a sports' fans dream. the national convention in downtown baltimore the going to feel like the halls of fame have come right to you. it a august 3rd. "good morning maryland," i am
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charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle. it's going to be so hot. >> just how warm it's going to be and say good morning to meteorologist lynette charles. >> it is not going to be warm. it's going to be hot outside for today. that heat is going to move back in. going to show you the numbers in a second but maryland's most powerful radar is taking a breather for right now. for the most part we should stay dry as we go throughout the day just a slight chance for a shower to pop up but the heat, the big story. dentop's temperature around 70 degrees right now. reisterstown at 68 and columbia 69. we can see the humidity once again 100%. we have a little bit of low visibility this morning in some spots that's going to be coming up but right now a check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. how are the roads? good morning. we have a water main break today in northeast baltimore and it happened last night but continues to shut down kirk avenue that's going to be right in appson street. if you are traveling in the
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area stick with harford road or loch raven road as your alternate route. that is what 95 lacks like at 395. no problems to report, everything will be up to speed in the fort mchenry tunnel. if you're beltway bound the southwest corner in great shape here. an 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 795 down to 95. megan and charlie, over to you. the developing story from overnight. yet another water main break this one in northeast baltimore. likely to tie up traffic for many of your morning commutes. this one on kirk avenue in the northeastern part of the city. in you're keeping score this is the third major break of its kind in the past few weeks and abc2's linda so is out there this morning. just how bad is it out there this morning? >> reporter: right now, public works crews you can see there the hole in the ground. that's where this pipe cracked and we're told it's a nine foot crack. what they've been able to do so far, they've turned down to broken -- they've turned the
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broken water main off and they're pumping the extra water out and they're digging around the pipe so that they can get to the area. bring in the new part and replace that section that's been cracked. now this is causing a lot of problems for people who live in this area. i want to bring in tim collins this morning. she lives right around the corner. kim, this brings back lots of bad memories for you doesn't it? first of all your basement is flooded right now. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: telary what happened last night. you got a -- tell me what happened. last night you got a knock on the door. >> reporter: someone was banking on my boor and i see what's going on and the neighbors outside -- telling us to move our cars because the water is just gushing down the street. >> the same thing happened almost to the day. >> exactly it happened august 7th, 2009, water main break right here on the 2800 block of kirk avenue. but it -- destroyed our
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basements on the 1500 block of appson. then on the third house on the corner, everything in my basement had to be thrown out. everything. >> reporter: and you have a unique situation because the house right next door is a vacant city owned property and you can't get full insurance because your house essentially is a liability. >> exactly. we can't get insurance on our home because of the vacant home beside our home. that's actually dilapidated and roof is gone and windows caved in. has been reported several times. the last report made monday. >> reporter: kim, thank you so much. we'll continue to check back with you throughout the morning. but again, the situation here water has been shut off in this area to the people along kirk avenue. because of this water main break. again, they're pumping that extra water out hoping to bring that new section of the pipe. that has been cracked. they're hoping to replace it sometime today and have water restored to the people in this area. in the meantime you can expect the road to be closed in this
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area around abbottstown street and kirk avenue as they work to repair the main. linda so, abc2 news. >> the headaches continue as we mentioned this is the third break of its kind for baltimore city. another sign of the aging infrastructure returning under the streets. the first happened on light street back on july 16th and going to last another two weeks until the repairs can be fixed. dpw has ripped up the pipes and now laying down new ones. the break caused businesses to lose water for a number of days and also creating a real mess down there. then another, well we had a sinkhole on monument street this one causing a massive, massive sinkhole that widened during the weekend and crews had to first stabilize the sinkhole to keep it from expanding before fixing the pipes or anything else that's wrong underneath. that process could take up to nine days and from there it's unclear just how long it will
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take to get all of those pipes repaired. this is a scene like we said from that. now for the vitalist on this we're going to lay -- very latest on this we're going to take you to and also the traffic tab. we've got live traffic maps out there alerts for you, what you need to know to get around yet another water main break. you saw the breaking news slug right there for you, in a bit we're going to take you to tulsa now fighting a fire at an oil refinery and that can be problematic megan when you consider how dry the area is. we'll take you out to tulsa later on "good morning maryland." all right, thanks. 4:36 right now. the man behind what pg county police say was a massive workplace shooting plot will only face a misdemeanor charges. prosecutors say under the law they can only charge neil press cot with misdemeanor telephone
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use. he is accused of threatening to kill his former boss and co- workers. he called himself the joker. authorities say the law isn't strong enough. >> i believe that when people like mr. press cot threaten violence he ought to be facing felony charges. >> he is still in a hospital right now undergoing psychiatric treatment. they're going to touch on another issue one we heard and talked so much about. pit bulls. state courts ruled that they should be considered inherently dangerous and not only are owners liable for their dogs but landlords can be held responsible if they're renting to someone who owns a pit bull and involved in an attack. it's to clarify the liability issue. >> right now, it's kind of unsettled for landlords, tenants, people who own pit bulls and live in apartment
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buildings so we want to at least settle that part of it. and then, deal with the more specific dangerous dog-type issues later. >> reps with local shelters say fewer people are actually adopting pit bulls since the rule was made. the measure basically keeps the bush era tax cuts for all americans not just those who make under $200,000 a year. however the bill is likely to go nowhere. president obama wants to keep tax cuts for the middle class and wants the wealthy to pay more. the cuts expire at the end of year and this issue is unlikely to be settled before the election. well, the wal-mart wants to move one of their stores into harford county to give you a bigger and better place show to shop. it involves moving operations
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from the constant friendship wal-mart to a new site on plum tree road near bel air. but there's concern from those around there that the traffic will become a problem. so county executive david craig agrees saying he too has a lot of concerns there's going to be another public hearing before that plan is approved. so we got some showers and thunderstorms yesterday across the area. scattered in nature and our eye takes us to a complex of storms dying down into kansas as of now. close to home today things begin to dry out some. just the slight chance for a storm to pop up. right now mainly clear skies and we will be seeing plenty of sunshine throughout day. look at the temperatures the morning. 73 degrees in glen burnie, good morning to you. rock hall at 70 and 67 degrees right now in goldsboro. charlie? if you have not seen the thousands of sports memorabilia in the baltimore convention center, check this out. it's everything a sports lover would ever want to see. baseball cards dating back to
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the early 20th century and also get some autographs out there including cal ripkennier. it runs this weekend wrapping up on sunday. >> taking the kids there go in with a budget. >> big budget in fact we looked at the list and some of the items very expensive. >> very cool. stay with us this morning, a huge fire tore through a building. this happened in upstate new york. >> the incredible video you want to see with this and what was going on inside building. take a look at that just moments before that fire broke out. >> plus they were fast asleep in bed when someone decided to join them. we're going to tell you about the overnight surprise one elderly couple got when an intruder broke into their house. >> school bells ringing soon but before you run attestor stock up on supply -- out to stock up on supplies we have some tips. >> we are dealing with a water main break this morning in northeast baltimore. and you are taking a live look at the repairs right now that are underway. if we can pull up that shot.
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big problems. i'll relate you know how it could affect your commute coming up on "good morning maryland."
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in news around the nation this morning, fire crews respond to a huge fire. this is in central new york last night. it destroyed a tormenter factory. here's the -- former factory. here's the video and it's pretty incredible. flames and smoke could be seen for smiles and contractors were looking to demolish the buildings before the fire ever started. no injuries are reported right now, cause is under investigation. we'll keep you posted. a couple got an unexpected guest, police say a man had too much to drink and wandered into their home. well, it happens to be two doors down from where he lives. he actually crawled into bed with them and fell asleep. the michigan couple they woke up and they called 911 pretty quickly. police arrested the man and he now faces a number of charges.
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the couple says that -- they're now going to lock their doors from now on. probably a good idea. lesson learned the hard way. >> all right. >> no i could not imagine that. >> lauren cook is up here with a check of the traffic in just a bit. we have detours and more water main breaks to worry about on this thursday. >> yes, we have some hubble in northeast baltimore and that's just a few. >> all right. weather time right? all right, your heat like hot weather? >> no. >> no? >> you're not going to like today so much. >> the people on facebook says i can't wait for snow. >> really? they like jumped to a whole different -- >> drop the four letter word on facebook. >> we were talking about how fast the summer is going by. >> all right, let me talk about what's going on. the current conditions what we have this morning. temperatures are on the warm side. 71 degrees right now in centreville darlington at 68. jess up 70. the humidity once again the levels are up there. we're talking about 90s for percentage so with that, we do have reduced visibility in some
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spots this morning. lots of moisture tracked at the ground once again. traveling up into i don't think this morning we're going to look at -- york this morning we're going to look at three miles of reduced visibility. two in frederick and also in winchester and culpeper and we will be continuing this through the morning and conditions will begin to improve later into the morning hours. but as you're traveling today and maybe you want to make a stop in fell's point. at lunchtime temperatures in the nice, a very hot -- 90s. a very hot day. much of the same in federal hill. you don't have to keep the eye to the sky as we look at what's going on in severna park. 91 degrees and 92 in mayo. and we are going to be dealing with the hot weather for a while. you can see it on the seven day forecast here as we take you through it. so for today we're looking at the temperature coming in right around 93 degrees and even hotter heading into friday. but look what happens the better chance for showers and thunderstorms to work their way into the picture. unfortunately the humidity is going to stick arnold for the next several days and it won't
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be until maybe about tuesday that we begin to get a little bit of relief and a little bit of a break but by wednesday temperatures back up into the 90s. we have a hot couple of days, stay hydrated heading out and about seek plenty of shade. a check now of the traffic temperature with lauren cook -- of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. the water main break? its continues to shut down kirk avenue right at abbottston street. stick with harford road or loch raven road instead and linda so will have a live report from the scene in a few minutes. no problems to report on 95 moving through white marsh, it will be clear into the city. if you are using the harrisburg expressway this morning, this is what it looks like at hunt valley at shawan road. everything up to speed. 22 minutes from the pennsylvania state line all the way down to 695 and it will remain clear on to the jfx. if you are going to 695 this is what it looks like in observer
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lee at bel air road. over to you. the u.s. postal service defaulted on a payment to the federal government and it's a big one. under law that money has to be used to cover health benefits for future retirees. the company says this is not going to affect employees' pay or your mail delivery. former never running back jamal lewis is back home this morning. they was arrested tuesday night accused of not paying child support. he was released on bond from a georgia jail shortly after midnight on wednesday. if you own a home in frederick county you may be getting some property tax relief. today the commissioners are set to vote on whether to refund $6 million in surplus revenue to homeowners. each would receive $100. a beam that was signed by president obama and the first lady back in june will be put in place today at one world
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trade center. mayor bloomberg and governors chris christie and governor cuomo also signed the beam which will be raised to the 105th floor of the world trade center building. new corporate headquarters is going to open today in downtown towson. the grand opening takes place at towson city center at 10:00 this morning. mile one is one of the largest automotive groups in the country. they employ 3,000 employees. nationally. all right, we have yet another water main break to tell you about this morning. can you believe it? it's happened again. and this one hammed just consider t -- happened just before 11:00 last night at kirk avenue and charlie has details. people in the neighborhood will tell you they've seen this before. >> they do have history with this megan and like you said can you believe it? here we go again. this break like you said happened around 11:00 on kirk avenue. but it's people living on nearby abbottston street that have been calling the abc2 newsroom all night saying the basements are now flooded and they have history with this
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first. this is a look courtesy of the multimedia journalist paul i can't have fee. it's a nine foot crack along the pipe. they have shut down the pipe for right now and crews working overnight once again near abbottston and kirk avenue. those living there they've got flooded basements and calls already coming into the insurance providers. this is what it looked like a few hours ago when the story broke last night. let's take a look another the video we have for you. water flowed down kirk avenue and now a concern that this could lead to a future sinkhole. once again we have one of those over on monument street. you know about that. and like we said people have seen this all before that are living there. back to the video from august 7th, 2009, when crews were fixing a water main break and about two dozen people had flooded basements they had to deal with then and dealing with it again. one home had water there back up to its first floor. the 16-inch main ruptured just like the one that broke last night. like we said we have been getting phone calls overnight
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and those living on that street with frustrated about what's going on with this again. abc2 news linda so is live out there and we're going to have more with her throughout the course of the morning and as always follow the story online and on your mobile app. you can download the abc2 app on the smart device and we'll update you throughout the course of the day but megan once again a real problem forthose living around and also those driving around across kirk avenue. >> all right charlie. thanks. ten minutes from 5:00 right now. backpacks? check. notebooks what about that? just a few things on the list your child needs to get ready for school. this morning we have some tips for you on where you can find the best back to school deals so you don't have to overspend. >> all right, megan, so you step out the door this morning? not much change in the forecast. although we are dry and we should basically stay that dry into the afternoon. but as i step you through the day hour by hour, 6:00, temperature coming in right around 72 degrees and we will have that sun/cloud mix as we head throughout the day. 9:00, maybe you're getting that
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breakfast? 79 degrees. and then as we head into lunchtime you could eat that lunch outdoors today but just remember it's going to be on the humid side. close to 90. 90s move in around 3:00. stick around, we'll be back.
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news time now 4:53. particular joins us once gush lynette charles joins us once -- lynette charles joins us once again with a check of the forecast. >> there's so much you want to do with the kids and you can't. >> we have lots obviously humidity out there but you know what else? we've been watching the tropics and you know what? there's something out there. so we're talking about tropical depression number five. and it's -- yes exactly. let me show you what's going on right now as we look at it the tropical slight and i'm going to show you what's doing on here and point it out. we're looking at tropical depression number five and it's right here out into the atlantic and this is going to
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make its way off towards the west and it's moving towards the west at about 18 miles an hour. and so as it does that over the next several days it will strengthen into a tropical storm and it will be -- ernesto. that's going to be the next name of it and by the weekend yes we have a chance for it to become a hurricane. so we are keeping our eyes peeled on that. we'll go into the gulf of mexico from there, not quite sure. but definitely going to keep you updated on this information because people are trying to get out and travel this time of year. keep you abreast of that situation. now a check of the traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning, lynette. well we are dealing with a new water main break in northeast baltimore and kirk avenue is going to be shut down at abbotston street and do of course use harford road instead. heading into the city use loch raven road and up into the county use loch raven boulevard. we have a live report in a few minutes from the scene. as we check in and take a live look at the main lines, here's 95


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